Bumble's Blog Hey peeps! I'm buzzing with excitement to welcome you to my blog! Seriously buzzing. I've always thought I had a nose for a good story, so I can't wait to share some of the v cool things I like, and topics I'm passionate about. Check in here for more about my story, my take on the care and feeding of the earth and the creatures on it, features about folks doing great, kind, compassionate things, and more info about bumble bloom events. Hope you enjoy!

The new you you don't need

Plant-based Living/21 October 2018

Greetings, fellow creatures! bumble here, and I wanted to share some more of my thoughts about food (it's a subject close to my heart, as you can see in "Honey is for bees") and how we feel about it. Me, I love honey. It has all the good things I need to be strong and healthy. Simple.


bumble's pick of Vancouver

Plant-based Living/19 January 2018

What's up, culture vultures? bumble here, and I'm back with your must-read guide to some of my fave spots in good ol' YVR (that's Vancouver, to you out-of-towners). Not sure how that airport thing caught on, but anyway. Now, you know I'm a hardcore plantophile (not sure that's even a word, but hey, I'm a bee...), so not surprisingly I've got some seriously plant-based recommendations for ya. Whether you're a vegan, an omnivore following a plant-based diet, or just someone into cool people, places, and things, you'll want to check these out!