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bumble's pick of Chicago (Part I)

Travels/19 August 2018


Hey there comrades! bumble here, fresh from a whirlwind trip to the Windy City. Not very windy, I have to say. Mainly scorching hot. Maybe it's a seasonal thing. 


bumble's pick of Brooklyn

Travels/18 March 2018

Whoop, whoop, friends! bumble here! All 5 New York City boroughs have their charms, and of course the storybook settings of Manhattan feel familiar even before you set foot on the platform at Grand Central, thanks to classic movies like West Side Story, Annie Hall, or Saturday Night Fever. But when Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing hit the screen (big or small, it doesn't really matter), this bee fell in love. Thing is, Brooklyn has a cool that really IS effortless.


bumble's pick of New Orleans

Travels/17 February 2018

Greetings, globetrotters! bumble here. Seriously jazzed to bring you my pick of the great city of New Orleans (see what I... yeah of course you did). Now, I think New Orleans (NOLA to the locals) has a bit of a rep as a party town, but slow down to take a closer look - - it has a bit more going on than that. You could take a trip down Bourbon Street if you like things on the tacky or seedy side, but know that folks from around the place are happy to leave it to the tourists. If you really want to kick back with local peeps, head over to Frenchman Street.