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Why humans can’t seem to leave bees alone

Environment/4 November 2018

Greetings, fellow earthlings. OK, so I’m hopping mad. You’ve been warned. 

For a lot of humans, the honey we bees produce for ourselves seems to have almost magical powers. Even as news of global honey bee colony collapse has become more widely known, people seem to look for answers that allow them to continue extracting honey to eat or sell, and leaving honey bees with vastly inferior sugar substitutes - an insufficient junk food diet.  It’s like a honey addiction, and honey consumers are happy to try anything — so long as it doesn’t threaten their supply. 


4 Myths About Honey & Beekeeping

Environment/22 September 2018

Happy Fall, dear readers! May your pumpkin be spiced just the way you like it!


Why animals are more than resources

Environment/29 June 2018

Howdy, friends! bumble here. I've been mulling this post over for a while now, and it feels ready, so here we are.


Honey is for bees!

Environment/4 February 2018

Hey folks! bumble here. As promised, here's a bee's take on why honey is for bees.

Now, as a bee, I know making honey is hard work. Me and my whole colony have to fly over 55,000 miles at up to 15 mph and visit more than 2 million flowers to make a single pound of honey. That's a LOT of work! Can you believe that last year, the appetite of humans in the US for honey hit a staggering 574 million pounds?!? We're literally staggering to keep up!