Bumble's Blog Hey peeps! I'm buzzing with excitement to welcome you to my blog! Seriously buzzing. I've always thought I had a nose for a good story, so I can't wait to share some of the v cool things I like, and topics I'm passionate about. Check in here for more about my story, my take on the care and feeding of the earth and the creatures on it, features about folks doing great, kind, compassionate things, and more info about bumble bloom events. Hope you enjoy!

Hello world!

My Story/28 December 2017

Hey campers! bumble here. Thanks for stopping by! Some of you will be saying, wow, that's a radical career change for a bee, to go from pollen collecting to journalism just like that. And let me tell you it hasn't been without its challenges. But once I got the hang of touch typing (which was no small thing), the rest of it, as they say, is all up here (I'm pointing to my head right now).